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Did you know that Alpacas can also make great pets? They can even bond with other animals and then guard them from predators.

We are a specialist alpaca breeder in the Hawkesbury District, near Sydney, New South Wales. We have an ambitious goal of producing 4kg of 17-19 micron fleece from each alpaca in 4 years. We offer a select number of breeding alpacas for sale as well as quality wool wethers, and servicing to SRS Stud Males.


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About us

We’re a young, forward-thinking and ambitious commercial stud. We’re aiming to significantly improve the fleece quality of our 150-strong elite herd with every single breeding cycle. Our target is to be shearing 4kg of 17-19 micron fleece with the primary fibres at least the same diameter as the secondaries (taking away the prickle factor completely).

The science of breeding

Successful breeding relies on understanding the probability of strong genes being passed on from each individual animal. We’ve developed a scientific breeding process to help us do that. Our process has six steps and the information for each animal is kept on detailed scorecards which we always provide to any fellow breeders we work with. We collate ABV (Breeding Values) for each animal. Click here for more detail

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After many months of research we recently purchased some Alpacas from Walkley Fields. This company is a professional stud and far from other ‘backyard breeders’ online. The alpacas are not bred for pure profit and come with traceable blood lines and histories. I would not hesitate to recommend Walkley Fields for any Alpaca requirements.

Vanessa, May 2020

Kim and I decided to breed 6 of our Females to Walkley Fields males last season. We could not be happier with our experience, Lionel was very professional and went above and beyond to provide excellent advice and great follow up support, we would certainly not hesitate to recommend Walkley Fields in your future breeding program.

Bill & Kim - Woolpaca Alpaca Stud